Big Gigantic – The Night Is Young [An Apology, A Love Letter]

Dominic and Jeremy,

I feel as though I’ve let you down. I know we’ve never met, but we have a sacred bond that must never be broken. When you released your newest EP, The Night Is Young, I should have done my part and added to the social media frenzy that is all too important for an album release these days. But I didn’t. Not only did I let you down and myself down, I let down A Big Gigantic Family. Every song is a banger. Every song makes me happy. Every song makes me excited for Rowdytown III.

If there is anyone out there that hasn’t ventured over to Big Gigantic’s website, you can download the whole album for free. Or you can donate or whatever. And if you like what you hear and are still too stingy to shell out the money for a concert ticket, they are putting on a free concert in Vail, Colorado this Friday, March 7th for the US Open. And for any richers out there, you can pay to see them in Aspen on Saturday.

Big Gigantic is releasing a few songs here and there on their Soundcloud, this is what we’ve been blessed with so far: