Paces – Open Up Your Eyes (Chiefs Remix)

Chiefs Headshot

This might as well become an Australian music blog because the kangaroos got me again on this remix of Open Up Your Eyes by Chiefs, original track by Paces. Paces and Chiefs are members of Die High Records out of Perth, Australia. Do yourself a favor and click on the link to check out their other releases because they seem to be in the business of hit making. The record label has released tracks by other great Aussie artists like Akouo and Mr. Carmack, just to name a few.

On his remix of Open Up Your Eyes, Chiefs continues to blur the lines of conventional trap music to create a beat that would be at home in Houston or London. Tsunami, another track by Chiefs, is a better example of the boundaries the producer is toying with; it features sounds of Euro house composed of Southern thumps to create a unique yet familiar blend. Hear more of Chiefs on his Soundcloud.