Rubbr is a new track from Snails and ETC!ETC! that features one of the heaviest trap drops of all time. This song has been all over the internet since it’s release yesterday so I thought I should jump on the bandwagon. I don’t get why some websites (cough, thissongissick, cough) claim they are “premiering” a song when it was obviously up on soundcloud well before their “premiere” but whatever.  The robot fart drop is amazing, but I personally think the rest of the song is sub-par. It’s like they created a wicked bass line and ignored the rest of the track. If RUBBR was more complete this would be one of the best releases thus far in 2014.

Snails, aka Frédérik Durand, is another Canadian producer that has been making waves with his heavy bass and creative drops. Durand calls his style of music “vomit-step” and I understand why, he pukes all over Rubbr. Check it out below and head over to his facebook page for the free download (don’t you hate that?)