Who the Hell is K.Flay?

KFlay Thrasher

Apparently K.Flay is a 29 year-old Stanford graduate from the northern suburbs of Chicago. Apparently K.Flay starting rapping as a joke and realized that she really enjoyed it. And guess what? She is fucking good at it too.

K.Flay has certainly come a long way in the past few years. I know this because I listened to her songs from three years ago and they are super annoying (basically everything before I Stopped Caring in ’96 is skippable). But her newer stuff, not so much. So if you’ve heard of her before and were turned off, I suggest you give K.Flay another listen.

She has the voice of Mike Posner, the honesty of Drake, the sense of humor of Action Bronson and the bravado of Kreayshawn. Apparently she produces a lot of her own music too, so you could throw some Kanye as well. If that sounds like something you’d be into, check out this compilation of some of her more popular tracks, including one featuring Danny Brown.

Not sure which is my favorite, but Sunburn and No Duh are pretty entertaining.