Constant Confusion Month in Review

Rowdytown 2 Projection Mapping

Welcome back to Constant Confusion. A combination of a broken computer and having too much fun resulted in a lack of new music coming from us. But sit tight because a lot of amazing albums, EPs and singles were released in the past month and I will be posting them in the coming days.

Buku Setting up at Casselmans

While we were away, Jake and I were fortunate enough to see two of our favorites play in Colorado. Buku destroyed Casselman’s on September 21st. Not a lot of people seemed to know who he was, but by the end of his set the whole place was getting rowdy. He played some future-garage type tunes that were a little surprising, but he also made sure not to leave out any fan favorites.

Rowdytown 2 Blue Stage

The one and only Big Gigantic created an absolutely mind-blowing experience for Rowdytown 2 at Red Rocks September 28th. The first Rowdytown was one of the best concert experiences of my life, but this year’s show blew it out of the water. The projection mapping on the rocks by Ghost Pixel was absolutley istunning, check out the video here. I went with a group of twenty people and the consensus was: FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

Dominic Lalli seems truely passionate about his music and better yet, Lalli and Jeremy Salken both appear to be genuinely nice dudes. At the end of the show Lalli announced that next year Rowdytown will be taking over Red Rocks for two nights; and I will gaurantee now that I will be there for both. In my mind, Big Gigantic is poised to become the Grateful Dead of electro-funk, creating a dedicated following that will follow them wherever they go. LET’s GO!