Mat Zo – Pyramid Scheme (feat. Chuck D) [Branchez Remix]

Branchez Black and White

This Branchez remix of Pyramid Scheme by Mat Zo featuring Chuck D gets better with every listen. It starts off kind of sporadic, but around the minute-thirty mark things really start coming together. Branchez utilizes the nostalgic video game sounds of Mat Zo’s house original, but Branchez brings a little more bounce and a lot more trappy squeaks. Branchez unleashes a squeak attack, a maneuver that is much more pleasing to the ears than it sounds, but leaves enough of the original intact so that it is at least recognizable (although Chuck D is completely wiped out). If you don’t automatically cling to the remix, give it another listen and I think you’ll change your mind.

All of Branchez songs are so fun and bouncy, but he looks so goddamn stoic in every picture, you’d think he was a politician or something. I guess it is only a matter of time before Branchez takes over the world.

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