Lorde – Royals (Wild Boyz! Remix)

Lorde with Dog Portrait

Amazing music has been coming from Australia and New Zealand lately. And while Wild Boyz! are from the states, they breathe new life into the hit song, Royals, by the child prodigy, Lorde, from Auckland, New Zealand. The 16 year-old singer makes music cooler than anything I will ever do, so I was hesitant to post a remix, but Wild Boyz! do not disappoint. The duo from San Francisco turns Lorde’s social commentary into an electro powered banger, and for that my American comrades, I salute you.

But it does make me kind of sad that America has Taylor Swift and New Zealand has Lorde, makes us look like a bunch on amateurs. Keep an eye out for her debut album, Pure Heroine, out September 30th.