Jake’s Global Dance Picks

Global Dance

As you may have heard, my good pal Darin will be missing the biggest, greatest most awesome festival of the year. Luckily I was touched by the hand of Jesus himself and he blessed me with tickets to this years three day fest. It pays to be a true child of god. Just after smoking an unhealthy amount of marijuana and drinking the finest malt liquor, I will step foot in the greatest venue on earth. These are the artists on my radar…

K Theory

I had the pleasure of catching their set at this year’s Snowball and let me just say it was absolutely amazing! So much energy, so much bass. What’s not to love? Lately it seems like all they are doing is producing and coming out with a new track every week on soundcloud! I would make it a point to get to the NRG stage promptly at 9:30 tomorrow! Take a listen to their new releases and get a feel for what’s going to be happening tomorrow.


Check out any track and you’ll love it, I recommend any track labeled as an “OG” remix…so epic. I will be seeing them for the first time tonight and couldn’t be more excited!


I’ve been a long time fan of this electro house group. From old tracks to new, they still have that Savoy style you know and love. I used to play their “Hella Good” remix all day and all night and after two years it’s still amazing.