Getting Weird with Danny Brown

Danny Brown is weird. He is also a rapper from Detroit who makes music. He is also quite the comedian. But he is also weird. I always knew he was out there but never really gave his music a chance. The beats are confusing. It sounds different. He sounds different. He looks different.

But then he made the music video for Grown Up, and being a sucker for little kids in rap videos, I had to give it a go. The sound of Grown Up is much more accesible than his other songs, perhaps because it is more familiar and sounds like the rap songs of the past. While Grown Up stands as an example of Danny Brown’s talent, it cannot stand as an example of Danny Brown’s music. He has been making mixtapes since 2007 and his most recent album, XXX (stream), properly demonstrates Brown’s creativity, talent and range. He intentionally deviates from the norms of the music industry and refuses to conform to… pretty much anything.

Some of the highlights from XXX include Monopoly, where Brown compares rap styles to “fried chicken without the seasoning” and female lady parts to a bag of Doritos. Brown is hilarious on Lie4, a song dedicated to educating the masses on “income tax swag,” and I Will, where he thoroughly outlines his cunnilingus protocol. Radio Song explains Brown’s distaste for the music industry and pokes fun of the commercial side of music; but not before creatively mentioning specific examples:

But not from Danny Brown, cause bitch I ain’t tricking
Do the pretty girl rock, and even though you ugly
Getting dirty money, but bitch I ain’t Puffy
Ice cream paint job, semi with the hemi
Heavy duty Chevy, not a Beamer, Benz or Bentley

I have listened to the album for about two days straight and the more I listen, the better it gets. The first listen was a little rough, it was unfamiliar territory, but Brown would not have it any other way. He just signed with Fool’s Gold Records in 2011 and if grown Up is his version of a “radio song” I don’t think we have to worry about the industry ruining him. Danny Brown is definitely doing something different. He is definitely pushing some boundaries. He is definitely weird.