Less than a week! It’s probably split half-and-half amongst the college kids and twenty-somethings whether one gives a hoot or a holler, but come May 29th at 10:30 pm Biggie Time on Comedy Central,  the third season of Workaholics premieres. Is that tight butthole or what?? If you have not seen the show, or are part of the crap instead of cream, that question may have confused you. For those uninformed, Workaholics is a farce featuring three recently graduated roommates from college who continue living/partying together and all work/party the same dead-end telemarketing job at Telamericorp with their sexy boss Alice and weirdo co-workers/friends(?) Jillian, Montez, Waymen, and other random fillers. And their drug dealer/friend Karl.

Adam, Karl, Anders, Blake. Find them on Twitter, they’re funny dudes.

If for some sad reason that little description was enough to sway you into checking the goods come next Tuesday, don’t get your hopes much higher than those shitty plastic kites your mom bought you as a kid. The show is written by the three main men: Adam, Blake, and Anders– a bunch of quirky S.O.B.s who were offered a TV show by Comedy Central after a slew of YouTube videos. What a world these days. Make a career by posting random fuckery online. But that’s what I dig about it. There is no board of directors sleazing corporate propaganda guided by ratings and current events–it all comes from the dudes who have lived it. These guys successfully avoided the shit-hole world of your standard college grad by making a satire about it. So poetic. So ironic. I might almost be inspired had I turned out to be more like the actors instead of the characters.

Long-running jokes support a lot of the comedy and provide that dorm floor feel. Watch your eyes.

Being a recent college grad from what they tell me is the #4 party school, I can’t say I’m too trained to pull of such a feat as these three gentlemen have. Sure I’ve got the self-abuse and material stemming from it down, but a big school like this does not train thee well in execution. That’s not to say it’s not possible, surely anything is (those corpollege bastards made sure to drill that joke into our heads), so come next week it’ll be interesting to see what effects the show produces. I can’t imagine it’ll inspire much more job searching or cover letters. I also can’t imagine it will inspire a new project of YouTube videos. Realistically, like most TV, it will probably just inspire a skewed view of the world and what to expect.

This is them at work. The actors/writers, not the characters. Their real life is more absurd than the show. Sort of surreal or something.