The King of the World

Torey wins Tampa ProSo Torey Pudwill wins this year’s Tampa Pro and continues to baffle thousands. The 21 year-old goofy looking stoner and The Grizzly Griptape CEO has been on an absolute tear, he releases a free video part, an amazing Battle Commander and a slew of internet content. But the craziest thing is that this guy:

Goes home to this:

I am not a fan of his style, but his taste in women is impeccable, and apparently his game is on a similar level. Despite his retarded monkey arms, his skating is undeniably next level. It seems that all this guy does is skateboard and smoke weed, two things admirable in almost any human being. Plus, it always seems like he is having a great time, but it is probably hard to be depressed when your Torey Pudwill.